The core potential of HR UNIVERSAL: An international customer network consisting of renowned and well-known companies

The right Network

Effective, responsive, successful. HR UNIVERSAL’s client structure consists of mayor institutions, large cooperations as well as small to midsized companies. Clients benefit not only from experience and business relations but also from a careful and accurate approach with HR UNIVERSAL as a strategic partner in human resources.

First-Class Addresses

HR UNIVERSAL was founded in 2006 as a startup in Cologne. The personnel and HR management consultancy was new, but the people involved had relevant experience in the areas of HR consultancy and recruitment, not least as people with responsibility in renowned consultancy and personnel service companies. This was preceded by classic careers and relevant experience as employees and managers from previous positions in the international and market-leading industry as well as in HR companies and personnel consultancies.


  • 2006      Cologne as founding location and headquarter until today
  • 2007      Aachen subsidiary with HR project for and with RWTH Aachen University
  • 2008      Hamburg subsidiary
  • 2012      Berlin subsidiary with and in cooperation with our industrial and banking clients
  • 2020      Munich as a national keystone in the south of Germany

In this context, the Hamburg and Berlin branches were combined and the office in Hamburg was replaced by a business center. The same applies to the location in Frankfurt, which can be reached by the banking team in Cologne within an hour via an ICE train line. Due to the nationwide customer network and the cooperation with shared business centers, HR UNIVERSAL can meet with candidates and aspirants in all cities and regions in the respective conference centers at the respective customer or in the business center.

Today, HR UNIVERSAL serves many well-known, established and mostly in their genre leading companies from the automotive industry and their suppliers, industrial, pharmaceutical and service companies, public sector companies as well as foundations and associations. Meanwhile, over many years of interaction in the regions of North Rhine-Westphalia, Hamburg, Berlin and Munich, more than 8,000 personnel search inquiries and resulting position placements have been generated and filled.

HR UNIVERSAL’s core competence is finding the right personnel for commercial and technical specialists and managers. In this corridor, the extensive network is used, but also multipliers from the sectors of finance, industry and services.

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