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Building bridges with competence:
Care and discretion in the selection of interim managers.
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Mobilizing Ressources

Our high-profile network enables HR Universal to find competent solutions for interim management appointments.

Certain situations need a sound response with an experienced and knowledgeable hand at the tiller. They benefit from access to a top-rated network of skilled interim managers, putting executive personalities with ideal qualifications within easy reach.

Interim appointments need discretion and a careful touch. HR Universal’s personnel consulting expertise can help chart these often troubled waters

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Bridging vacancies

More people than ever before are working independently in interim jobs – a trend that has been growing steadily since the nineties. The move towards using freelance workers has accelerated rapidly as a result of the economic crisis of 2008, a boom further intensified by current challenges. Especially in all facets of change management in progressive companies, freelance specialists who provide project-based temporary support to management and permanent staff are indispensable today. Transition management is often a special focus for freelance experts’ work, as they provide interim support to their clients during fundamental structural changes.

HR UNIVERSAL specialises in the recruitment of highly qualified independent specialists and managers for temporary positions. Our consultants are familiar with the tasks that interim managers have to fulfil, even if your requirements are very specific and regardless of your reasons for a temporary personnel solution.

Freelancers support companies all over the world. It is essential for sustainable economic success to employ this new generation of professionals in the way that makes the most sense for your company in terms of time and processes. Whether you need a specialist, interim manager, or interim CEO, we at HR UNIVERSAL are happy to help you find the right talent, get in touch with them, and deploy them in a legally compliant manner. You too can benefit from our know-how in the field of interim management.