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Sustainability and
Values in Personnel Recruitment

HR UNIVERSAL as a partner in personnel recruitment for the optimal filling of specialist and management vacancies

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To prevent shortages in departments and to always have enough employees available for all tasks that arise, personnel recruitment plays an increasingly important role in human resources management.

For HR UNIVERSAL, the combination of a value-oriented approach and a trusting relationship with clients and partners forms the base of sustainable personnel recruitment. Clients benefit from an agile network, discreet communication, continuous monitoring of all potentials as well as many years of expertise in the optimal filling of specialist and management positions.

New Ways in Personnel Recruitment

HR UNIVERSAL’s headhunters and HR managers are always on hand with their expert knowledge and wide-ranging expertise to ensure that the best possible candidates are found without wasting resources.

For each personnel recruitment process, an individual search strategy gets developed and adapted to the respective target group. The job advertisement is placed on the market-leading job portals Stepstone, Indeed and Google for Jobs and gets updated regularly. The HR SIMPLEX sourcing technology, which has been specially developed for these processes and is characterized by self-learning algorithms, compares the requirement oft he respective profile with the current talent pools, while the largely automated software collects and categorizes applications. To ideally meet the client’s requirement profiles, HR UNIVERSAL also relies in particular on addressing latent searching candidates as part of a strategic active sourcing campaign using LinkedIn and Xing. As a personnel service provider, HR UNIVERSAL takes care of all activities from advertising the vacancy to payroll accounting. The precise search for personnel in the area of commercial and technical specialists and executives is defined as a core competence.

To be able to react spontaneously and competently to current market conditions when recruiting personnel in times of a shortage of skilled workers, HR UNIVERSAL’s personnel consultants and personnel officers regularly undergo further training in all relevant fields of activity. In doing so, the latest trends are taken into account just as much as tried and tested techniques and strategies.

As part of the HR UNIVERSAL employer branding strategy, versatile contacts are established with industry and business, from which all talents benefit daily. Clients can take advantage of HR UNIVERSAL’s broad talent pool at any time. In their search for the next career step, applicants come directly to HR UNIVERSAL, among others, in order not to miss the chance of a long-term job perspective. In this context, HR UNIVERSAL focuses on all activities on the optimal and individual recruitment and retention of potentials.

As part of our employer branding strategy, we maintain a wide range of contacts across the industry. This gives us access to a rich pool of applicants that both our clients and our candidates benefit from. In their search for their next career move, applicants come to us in order to not miss the opportunity for new and promising long-term prospects.