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You can find HR Universal wherever the decision makers and captains of industry are – across Germany. Our success comes from intelligent networking: We are working with leading partners to manage our ad insertions in the market. We tap into all important candidate pools. We use the power of social media. We have long-established ties with transfer companies, and we know which international multipliers to reach out to.

International Networking

For 15 years now, HR UNIVERSAL’s personnel consultants and personnel officers have been working exclusively where personnel decisions are made: in companies, at our clients, at multipliers in service and industry or public institutions and, of course, in our personnel consultancies and branches nationwide. Our cooperation with essential suppliers in our network, especially in the field of information technology and engineering services, gives us high-quality and representative insights into relevant candidate markets in each professional discipline. We are committed to providing holistic and sustainable advice in Germany and the entire German-language region. We also regularly advise our clients internationally, many of whom operate on a global basis.

HR Universal has established itself as a conscientious and transparent partner for everything from insertion management, direct contacts with candidates, and network-based searches to aptitude diagnostics and the definition of requirements and qualification profiles.

Above all, we rely on active and passive sourcing, working together with leading players such as Stepstone, Google for Jobs, LinkedIn, and Xing. Our transparent and sustainable personnel recruitment is subject to strict process organisation. This means that we never miss any opportunity, made possible by our proprietary personnel recruitment tool HR Simplex. It maps a personnel recruitment process that is perfect for us and, with the help of a clever algorithm, accompanies our decisions and aids our recommendations. Its core is an intelligent candidate cloud, in which all applicants, aspirants, candidates, and decisions converge. All interactions and decisions are stored, evaluated, and analysed from here. Active candidates and candidates from other searches are kept ready for access here and taken into account again whenever a similar search query appears. A sophisticated and fully data protection compliant applicant management tool ensures that all data is kept up-to-date by permanently informing all those involved about data storage, new vacancies, and any people who are no longer available. This gives everyone the opportunity to decide for themselves whether they want to continue participating in the process. And all of this for one purpose: Staffing our clients’ vacant positions holistically and sustainably.

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