A great Reach

Cross-media presence in all markets
with great reach and a strong network


HR UNIVERSAL can be found wherever decision-makers and leading companies are located – nationwide. At HR UNIVERSAL, success means smart networking. Placement management is carried out with leading partners in the market, important talent pools are activated, fitting social media channels are used, established connections to transfer companies are getting contacted and international multipliers are worked with.

International Network

For 15 years now, HR UNIVERSAL’s personnel consultants and personnel officers have been exclusively present where personnel decisions are made. In companies, with customers, with multipliers from industry, institutions and service companies and of course in the nationwide HR consultancies and branches, the personnel experts are represented.

The cooperation with supporting suppliers in the network, such as those in the area of information technology (IT) and engineering services (engineering), favours a highly qualitative and representative overall picture of the relevant candidate market within a professional group. HR UNIVERSAL always advises holistically and sustainably and is active in the federal territory and also regularly on an international base, mostly in connection with globally acting partners and commissioning companies. HR UNIVERSAL has established itself as a conscientious and transparent partner, from placement management, direct approach of talents and network-supported search, to aptitude diagnostics and the determination of requirement and qualification profiles.

HR UNIVERSAL relies on active and passive sourcing elements. In doing so, it cooperates with the leading players in the industry, for example, Stepstone, Google for Jobs, Indeed, LinkedIn and Xing. Transparent and sustainable recruitment is subject to a strict process organization certified according to ISO9001:2015, which leaves nothing unseen with the help of the HR SIMPLEX recruitment tool developed in-house and maps a perfect recruitment process for HR UNIVERSAL.

With the help of a self-learning algorithm, HR SIMPLEX accompanies decisions and makes recommendations. During this process, HR UNIVERSAL’s central medium is the intelligent Talent Cloud, where all applicants, aspirants, candidates and decisions converge. All interactions and decisions are stored, evaluated and analyzed here. Applicants and potentials from other search runs remain visibly stored here and are taken into account again for similar search queries. The sophisticated, data protection-compliant management tool for applications ensures that all data is kept up to date by permanently informing all parties involved in data storage, new vacancies and persons who are no longer available. This allows everyone to decide for themselves whether or not they want to continue participating in the process. The holistic and sustainable filling of positions is always in the foreground.

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