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Personnel Placement
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Successful recruitment through intelligent potential assessment, personal placement. In order to continue to fill vacancies in the best possible way in times of war for talent, adaptability, technological innovation and professional expertise are required.

As an intermediary between the company and the candidate, HR UNIVERSAL matches the requirements of the client successfully with the qualifications of the candidate.

Norwegischer Polarforscher und Entdecker Roald Amunsen, Deutscher Forschungsreisender und Entdecker Alexander von Humboldt, 1872 bis 1912

Roald Amundsen
Polar explorer

Filtering Potentials

HR UNIVERSAL takes over the complete process of personnel placement and recruitment of potentials. From the moment we take over the mandate, our experienced recruitment team designs and advertises the vacancy on the leading job boards on the same day in order to accelerate the recruitment process in the best possible way – our Same Day Policy. Furthermore, all job advertisements are carefully adapted to the respective position and target group by our experts. Using reliable direct search and modern active sourcing, HR UNIVERSAL fills vacancies directly and effectively with suitable potentials in a transparent process.

The entire recruitment process is supported by many years of market affiliation and a high degree of recognition in the academic as well as commercial business fields. Using state of the art tools and methods of aptitude diagnostics as well as our cross-industry network, we can support companies with individually adapted personnel concepts. In order to optimize the recruitment process to the next level, we also combine human expertise and machine abstraction. The result is HR SIMPLEX, a sourcing technology shaped by self-learning algorithms.

Furthermore, HR UNIVERSAL offers companies the opportunity to find highly qualified interim managers as freelancers for temporary projects; especially in transition and change management, these interim solutions ensure that processes proceed smoothly. Thanks to our extensive and far-reaching network, personalities with the required qualifications are available immediately and at short notice. All our consultants are familiar with the profile of requirements an interim manager has to meet in order to be able to fulfill specific requests in the best possible way.

Many years of market affiliation and a high degree of recognition enable us to fill vacancies efficiently and effectively, even with candidates not searching actively. Finance, industry and services – especially in these academic and commercial business areas, HR UNIVERSAL brings candidates and clients together on a long-term and sustainable basis.

The three pillars of our service offer
as a recruitment agency


Our academic team identifies the potentials that fit professionally and personally by means of high industry expertise and a far-reaching network.


All potentials are critically and transparently examined by our experts using science-based aptitude diagnostics.


With HR SIMPLEX, we minimize time losses and financial risks on the part of the client and free up resources for the actual core business.

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