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Benefit from the great profile and vast market reach of HR Universal and become an active partner in our shared recruitment campaigns, with highest visibility and exceptional outcomes.

Thanks to our successful marketing campaigns and long-standing customer relationships, HR Universal has a powerful employer brand that can help you, our clients, achieve optimal staffing. The better a company is positioned in its market, the more attractive it will be for potential new employees. True to our motto: Trust the spirit of discovery, and we can work together with you to develop a rewarding recruiting strategy.

Employer branding in the spotlight

The result of a targeted employer branding strategy is a successful employer brand. The marketing campaigns carried out have a positive effect on the external image of a company. These positive effects make themselves felt in the form of advantages in personnel recruitment. The internal aspects should also not be underestimated: For companies to stay successful in their market in the long run, their employees must continue to find the employer attractive. The employer value proposition (EVP) has a direct effect on the retention and performance motivation of employees.

A traditional concept of branding approaches the development and establishment of a specific brand through the targeted placement of advertising. Its focus should not be limited to the employment market alone, but cover all corporate branding. We at HR Universal believe in a holistic approach to strengthen our brand in the market.

It is not enough to create a print campaign. The focus has to lie much more on the right composition of targeted activities in the social media. With the increasing importance of social media, the demands placed on marketing strategies are growing. The growing value of a meaningful branding strategy is also reflected in the fact that the number of marketing jobs has grown steadily in recent years. Whether in marketing, finance, or pharmaceuticals: we are your strong partner for finding the right candidates for your job profiles.

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