Creating a suitable employer branding strategy for the company with by using media support

Brand Management

With HR UNIVERSAL, clients benefit from many years of market affiliation and a high level of awareness due to the extensive and cross-industry network. Thanks to successful marketing campaigns and long-standing customer relations, HR UNIVERSAL has a positive employer branding, which helps the client to achieve an optimal filling of the respective vacancy. The better a company’s positioning in the market, the greater its appeal to potential new employees. Based on many years of experience, HR UNIVERSAL can develop individual and promising recruiting campaigns to successfully fill vacancies in the areas of academic, commercial and technical specialist and management positions.

Employer branding in the spotlight

The result of a targeted employer branding strategy is a successful employer brand. The marketing activities carried out have a positive effect on the external image of a company and are also reflected in the form of advantages in personnel recruitment, which create a clear competitive advantage. The internal aspect should not be underestimated either, because, to be successful in the long term, existing employees must also perceive the employer as attractive. The employer value proposition thus has a direct impact on the areas of employee loyalty and performance motivation.

A classic employer branding definition describes the development and establishment of a specific brand through the targeted placement of advertising. The focus is not only on the employer brand but also on corporate branding. HR UNIVERSAL relies on a holistic approach to consolidate its brand in the market.

It is not enough to create a print campaign. The focus has to lie much more on the right composition of targeted activities in the social media. With the increasing importance of social media, the demands placed on marketing strategies are growing. The growing value of a meaningful branding strategy is also reflected in the fact that the number of marketing jobs has grown steadily in recent years.

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