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Social responsibility corresponds
to our corporate philosophy, which
focuses on “a partnership with perspective”

Opus Fundatum

The intended purpose of the foundation is to promote the education of young adults at an international level. Therefore, we want to contribute consciously to the future of our community. We are convinced that the early access to education possibilities is the basis for a sustainable and long-term success within our society. This basis is essential in obtaining and to developing it together.
Therefore, together with our partners, we focus on a long term, continuous and direct flow of funds.

Sample Project

Education as a means of
sustaining a livelihood:
Preschool for the village Mepekop in Ghana

The construction work associated with the project began in June 2014. They were carried out by a local entrepreneur who also employs local craftsmen. Due to intensive rainfall between July and September, the preschool could not be completed as scheduled. However then, the construction was progressing well. Already in 2014, 22 nursery teachers from 21 schools participated in trainings.

Meanwhile, the building has been completed and the rooms were furnished using funds of the regional development project. Additionally, now there are ceiling fans making the interior climate bearable. Furthermore, learning and play materials, including a variety of books were bought. There is a separate toilet for boys and girls that is also suitable for disabled children. The preschool has already been opened: 110 children (50 boys and 60 girls) are now visiting the school on a regularly basis. They are cared for and promoted by three teachers. The government funds the salaries, supports the teachers relating promoting measures and supervises their work regularly. The teacher Henritta Atubra reports: “The children like to come and are glad to have the new rooms equipped with child-oriented toys and books.” For the parents it is relieving to see that their children are now safely accommodated.

Preferable playing and learning conditions

The three to five year-olds are mainly promoted on a playful basis and are slowly introduced to dealing with letters and numbers. In the new building there are two rooms for younger children and one room for the preschool children. The responsible department of the ministry of education recommended to build three instead of two rooms and the entrepreneur was able to implement it without causing additional costs. The children love their new toys and learning materials: they can play with balls and pull and push toys, which promotes their physical development. Additionally, the pictures and books are opening up entirely new worlds. Another important part is the health education: playfully the children are learning the importance of cleanliness and hygiene for preventing illnesses. The institution with its child-oriented character and materials also has a model role for villages and communes. The preschool is supporting the awareness of families that the foundation of a successful life is already laid in the preschool years.

Early education as a chance for positive development

In order to ensure that the children are promoted age-appropriately the three teachers attended trainings together with another 19 teachers of neighboring villages. They were trained in promoting children using rhymes and songs and using the new didactical learning and play materials in the way to support the children’s motoric, cognitive and mental abilities. One of the teachers said that she was glad to be able to instruct the children better now. With the help of this early education already the youngest are prepared to learn reading, writing and calculating in school. The initial years are formative for children and an early education in preschools makes a significant contribution in facilitating their transition into elementary school.

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