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Social commitment
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Opus Fundatum

With the foundations’ purpose of educational support for young individuals on an international level, we consciously contribute to the common future of our community. We are convinced that early access to educational opportunities is the groundwork for the sustainable long-term success of our social coexistence. It should be the main objective to maintain and expand this base.

Therefore we focus with our partners on a continuous and direct flow of funds.

Sample Project

Education as Livelihood:

A preschool for the village of Mepekope in Ghana

The HR UNIVERSAL foundation has built a preschool in the rural area of Krachi East in Ghana. Krachi East is one of the poorest and least developed districts in the country. Among the 510 inhabitants of Mepekope, there are currently 315 children.

In the past there was a preschool, a primary school and a secondary school in Mepekope. This preschool, with only two employed educators, consisted of a simple wooden framework with a permeable thatched roof (see photo). Up to this point, the children were cared for in the open air and were exposed to the whims of the weather. In case of rain, care had to be cancelled because of the missing protection. Since the thatched roof was insufficiently fastened, the parents were afraid that it could fall onto the children. The missing walls also implied missing protection from dangerous animals, such as poisonous snakes.

Through the interactions of the HR UNIVERSAL foundation, including the involvement of World Vision Deutschland e.V., a brick school building with two classrooms, an office and two barrier-free toilets has been built. This is particularly important to improve health education and facilitate access to sanitation for children with disabilities.

A playground with a mechanical children’s carousel and seesaws is designed to motivate children to move around and thus develop their motor skills. The preschool was also equipped with extra learning and play materials (puzzles, balls, pull and push toys, picture and colour games). This makes the facility a model for other communities and schools in the area and raises people’s awareness of early childhood education as part of the school system. Since learning success depends heavily on the teaching methods and skills of the teachers and educators themselves, 20 teachers and educators from Mepekope and the surrounding area were trained in early childhood education.

In depth information about the projects of World Vision can be found on

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Worldvision Projekt HR Universal Schule

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