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Personnel Leasing


Cooperation with perspective through personnel leasing.

Times of volatile economic conditions and tight headcounts can be optimally bridged using personnel leasing.

The external employees can be ideally integrated into the company’s short- to medium-term personnel cost planning. Employee leasing helps the company’s HR department to focus on strategic management, thus reducing costs and time.

Italienischer Seefahrer und Entdecker Christoph Kolumbus, 1451 bis 1506

Christoph Kolumbus


HR UNIVERSAL supports companies in bridging temporary personnel vacancies in an ideal way. We take care of every aspect of the recruitment process – from the placement of job advertisements to the final payroll accounting. In this way, the client company can continue even complex projects unhindered despite tight headcounts, while reducing time and costs at the same time. In order to guarantee successful onboarding, HR UNIVERSAL’s consultants use modern aptitude diagnostic methods as well as the innovative HR SIMPLEX technology to make an ideal pre-selection. The final personnel decision is, of course, up to the client.

HR UNIVERSAL’s core competence is of particular benefit in the sectors of industry characterized by commercial, technical and academic expertise – finding the right fit for personnel at both national and international level. In this corridor, we use our extensive industry network and, based on many years of successful activity, can also rely on numerous multipliers from the financial, industrial and service sectors.

In contrast to classic personnel leasing, HR UNIVERSAL does not assign jobs at alternating locations under any circumstances, as all jobs offered require a high level of specialist knowledge as well as competence. In order to avoid renewed onboarding as well as loss of know-how on the part of the company in the event of termination of the employment relationship, the chances of being taken on are above average in these sectors. Only placement-oriented or project-based personnel assignments are organized, which are generally of a long-term and sustainable nature.

Reaching the goal through knowledge and values

Tradition and Innovation

By using active sourcing methods, the potentials that best meet all relevant requirements can be addressed during the personnel search. The final personnel decision lies with the client.

Since 2014, HR UNIVERSAL has additionally optimized this recruitment process with HR SIMPLEX, an innovative, digital technology characterized by self-learning algorithms; “Recruiting 4.0”.

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Transparency and fairness

The values to which HR UNIVERSAL is committed are guaranteed by an Open Book Policy and Equal Pay & Equal Treatment.

In this way, HR UNIVERSAL fills any vacancy with immediate staffing solutions, whether part-time, full-time or temporary, and ensures a reduction in time and financial risks.