Finding the best people for any vacancy is a necessity for change, success, and lasting stability for any business. HR UNIVERSAL has dedicated its work to this basic principle to ensure optimum appointments with the right sense for the essential values.

HR UNIVERSAL stands for sustainable HR consulting and clear identity as a medium between candidates and companies.

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HR UNIVERSAL’s core competence lies in finding the right personnel for commercial and technical specialists and managers. In this corridor, we make use of our extensive industry network and, based on many years of successful activity, can also rely on numerous multipliers from the financial, industrial and service sectors.

The focus is on all elements of active and passive sourcing. Taking all market-leading players into account, our consultants successfully find the right potentials. Modern aptitude diagnostic tools and instruments are used to discover the right potentials and to fill key positions in this way.

Furthermore, we optimize the recruitment process with HR SIMPLEX, a sourcing technology driven by self-learning algorithms. With the combination of human expertise and machine abstraction, we optimize the recruitment process and can derive a holistic snapshot of the relevant candidate market. The result is an optimal placement of the vacancy while minimizing costs and risks.


In times of digitalization and the general shift towards a VUCA working world, HR management is not only becoming increasingly important; as a cornerstone of  success it contributes towards shapening the entrepeneurial future. The expectations on employees in terms of their skills are increasing and the demand for all-round talent on the market is higher than ever.

As a result, HR consulting is becoming more and more relevant for companies. In addition to the classic reasons for awarding contracts, scarce capacities in HR departments are often the decisive factor, such as covert personnel searches for positions that are still occupied or the need for a direct approach, formerly called headhunting or “direct search”.

HR UNIVERSAL takes over all tasks of recruiting and human resource management, especially personnel placement and personnel leasing. Each step in the process is supported by our many years of experience and extensive networking. As a specialist for custom-fit personnel recruitment, we use human expertise, scientific methodic and innovative digital solutions to find the potentials that meet the professional, human and strategic responsibilities of a position in the financial, industrial or service sector.




In person or digital



Defining the Perfect Match



Designing the job profile and inserting it in well-known networks



Use of the innovative sourcing technology HR SIMPLEX



Preselection of suitable potentials



Selection of the Perfect Match

Executive Search

For 15 years now, HR UNIVERSAL has been filling management positions with experience, accuracy and success. As a medium between clients and potentials, HR UNIVERSAL stands for the competence to sustainably fill key positions with well-founded industry know-how and modern methods with direct searching methods. HR UNIVERSAL is aware of all the requirements and challenges of the decisive authorities, which always ensures absolute responsibility for the mandate and finds a concentrated solution. Thus, vacant management positions can be filled efficiently and transparently by competent HR consultancy.

All interactions benefit from the extensive networking and relevant professional experience of our experts, which enables us to identify the right potentials and to address them in a confident and target-group-oriented manner.

This is done by permanently monitoring high-quality standards and using innovative tools and methods along the entire value chain. The specific task: to support clients and interested parties alike in the decision-making process with the greatest possible neutrality.

Board Consulting

Personalities in the governing body are recognised and identified through their economic and social decisions. The bringing together of the senior elite is based on the highest level of care, communication and trust.

The manner of sovereign integrity and discretion is reflected here to sensitively and promisingly realise the filling of positions in supervisory bodies and top management levels. A high level of industry expertise and long-standing contacts enable HR UNIVERSAL to identify potentials who do justice to the strategic, professional and human responsibility in vacant positions.

HR Consulting
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