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Aptitude andLeadership Diagnostics

A holistic consulting approach for reliable success in the future through Aptitude Leadership Diagnostics


Under the maxim of a holistic consulting approach, HR UNIVERSAL fills executive positions on the basis of competence-based, job-related aptitude diagnostics – using only the latest scientific findings from leading university chairs.

On this basis, we make well-founded predictions about the occurrence of target achievements or even success probabilities.

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Potential analysis using assessment centers and aptitude tests plays a central role in human resources management and change management. With the help of scientifically based procedures, both the careers of managers and the employer branding of the company can improve sustainably. HR UNIVERSAL uses the Bochum Inventory for the job-related personality description in aptitude diagnostics. By means of this scientific procedure, our experts summarize the social competence and constitution, the work behavior and the professional orientation of the candidates into a holistic assessment of all professionally relevant personality traits.

The Bochum Inventory

The Bochum Inventory is ideal for making an optimal personnel selection. This established test procedure from the field of business psychology systematically records personality traits relevant to the job. For this purpose, the participants are presented with a self-assessment sheet, among other things, which is to be completed according to individual assessments and to the best of their knowledge. The respective answers are summarized into numerical values on the basis of occupational dimensions and provide our experts with insights into the flexibility, performance motivation, contact skills and resilience of the candidates. Ultimately, the data we collect is used to create a differentiated psychological assessment; a fully visualized representation of the candidate’s competencies and behavioral tendencies.