Cooperation with perspective through temporary employment

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By using external employees who meet the requirements, times of volatile economic conditions and tight headcounts can be optimally bridged.

Outsourcing routine administrative tasks also clears the company’s HR resources. This allows the HR department to concentrate on strategic management. In addition to reducing the time required, employee leasing also offers cost advantages. The external employees can be ideally integrated into the company’s short- to medium-term personnel cost planning. The hourly rates incurred are regulated transparently. Only the hours worked are billed. The risk of employee absenteeism is borne by the hiring company.

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Cooperation with perspective through temporary employment

HR UNIVERSAL supports companies in bridging temporary personnel vacancies in an ideal way. Externalizing the recruiting of new potentials creates time and saves costs to continue the core business unhindered. Even project-based positions or temporary employment and scarce headcounts can be filled optimally and can be integrated into short- to medium-term cost planning.

As a nationally and internationally active company, HR UNIVERSAL focuses on industrial sectors and thus has an emphasis on commercial, technical and academic business areas. As an extended arm of the industry in the personnel recruitment process, high-ranking positions are filled in the best possible way and in a time-saving manner.

In contrast to classic temporary staffing, HR UNIVERSAL does not under any circumstances assign temporary positions, as all positions offered require a high degree of specialist knowledge and competence. To avoid renewed onboarding as well as a considerable loss of knowledge on the part of the company in the event of termination of the employment relationship, the chances of being taken on permanently are above average in these sectors. Only placement-oriented or project-based assignments are organized, which are generally of a long-term and sustainable nature.

Outsourcing the recruitment process has the advantage that all activities from advertising the vacancy to the final payroll are taken over. HR UNIVERSAL’s core competence lies in finding the right personnel, especially in the area of commercial, technical and academically-oriented specialists and managers.

During the recruitment process HR UNIVERSAL always follows a holistic approach, focusing on active as well as latent searching potentials. By using active sourcing methods, only those potentials can be addressed who fulfil all relevant requirements.

To optimize the search process for potential candidates, HR UNIVERSAL has been working on the development of an innovative recruitment process since 2014. The result is the innovative HR SIMPLEX technology, which has been sensitized to maximum efficiency as well as cost optimization. This unique software is powered by self-learning algorithms and combines human expertise with mechanical abstraction to provide a holistic snapshot of the market at hand. HR SIMPLEX supports client organizations in bringing about the optimal filling of vacancies while minimizing costs and risks.

Throughout the entire process, HR UNIVERSAL is committed to a strict “Open Book Policy” to ensure a maximum of transparency at every step of the process. Likewise, the principle of “Equal Pay & Equal Treatment” is upheld in every hiring process to ensure equality for all employees and to exclude the disadvantage of temporary workers in advance.

To ensure successful and time-saving onboarding, HR UNIVERSAL combines the HR SIMPLEX technology, telephone interviews and personal interviews to pre-select potential candidates. However, the final personnel decision lies with the client of course.

Furthermore, temporary employment prevents financial losses due to downtime, as only hours worked are billed. HR UNIVERSAL is responsible for compensating the lost time.

During the entire cooperation, all parties involved are in the position to gain experience regarding personal as well as performance-oriented characteristics. As soon as a mutual base of perspective cooperation has been established, the possibility of a takeover exists at any time. The client, as well as the potentials, profit from such a takeover in permanent employment, since a new placement of the personnel can be avoided and the loss of knowledge, as well as a repeated time expenditure of a further onboarding on the part of the company, can be avoided.

Advantages of temporary employment

  • reduced time expenditure due to outsourcing of the personnel selection process
  • cost-reduced personnel deployment due to pure accounting of actually performed working hours
  •  no financial losses due to downtime (compensation is the responsibility of HR UNIVERSAL)
  • “Open Book Policy” for maximum transparency
  • Flexible framework conditions (filling of any vacancy on part-time/full-time or temporary basis)
  •  avoidance of discrimination through “Equal Pay & Equal Treatment” guidelines
  •  Immediate personnel solutions


The principle of “post & pray” has long become outdated for recruitment and is mostly not effective. The change to an employee market has contributed to the fact that the successful, as well as sustainable filling of a vacancy, has become a major challenge.

A decisive instrument of central recruiting in times of the “war for talents” is active sourcing, formerly also called headhunting or today still called direct search. It comprises the active search for suitable potentials, the individual approach as well as the development of a long-term relationship with the applicants, including the maintenance of a talent pool. The approach is carried out using all communication media and global social media channels, as well as involving HR UNIVERSAL’s national and international network. Through professional research in the respective genre and simultaneous use of international multipliers from the sectors of industry, finance and services, penetration of the relevant market is achieved.

Active sourcing, however, ties up extensive resources, because it is time-consuming and requires appropriate know-how. By outsourcing to a personnel consultancy, it is possible to optimize the company’s resources and thus concentrate on strategic personnel management and core business. Also, recruiting specialists with many years of experience reach a large number of qualified candidates within a very short time due to their relevant experience and extensive networking which ensures the ideal filling of a respective vacancy. The perspective of a third party in the selection process should not be underestimated.

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