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Personnel leasing / temporary employment as a chance for your company

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As an intermediary between companies and candidates, we bring the requirements of our clients and the qualifications of our candidates into perfect harmony. By using external employees who meet the requirements, times of volatile economic situations and tight headcounts can be optimally bridged.

Outsourcing routine administrative tasks also frees up your company’s own HR resources. This enables you to concentrate on the strategic management of your HR function. In addition to reducing the time required, hiring temporary staff also offers cost advantages. External employees* can be ideally integrated into the short to medium-term personnel cost planning of your company and their hourly rates are accrued transparently: Only the hours actually worked are included in the accounts. Risks of employee* downtime are borne by the hirer.

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Temporary Employment:
Enjoy Advantages

As a personnel service provider, we take over all activities from advertising the job offer to payroll accounting. Our core competence is to find the right personnel for commercial and technical specialists and managers. The focus of personnel recruitment is not only on applicants* who are actively looking for jobs. In order to ideally fulfil the requirement profiles of our clients, we also act as headhunters. In doing so, we focus in particular on reaching passive candidates through strategic active sourcing campaigns. Using telephone and face-to-face job interviews, we take over the pre-selection – the final decision is of course up to the client.

Through personnel leasing, we support our clients in finding candidates for their vacancies, new projects, or limited-period replacements. The framework conditions of temporary employment are flexible, and staffing the positions can be as flexible: Traditional in full or part-time or as temporary aids.

The placements allow our clients and their temporary staff the opportunity to learn more about each other in terms of personality and performance, creating the basis for possible permanent cooperation. Our clients can always an offer permanent employment to their temporary employees. There is no loss of knowledge and no time required for training up the new colleague. Our principle is: You decide – the final decision is up to you!

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