Placement and Leasing

Successful recruitment through intelligent potential assessment, personal placement


As an intermediary between the company and the candidate, HR UNIVERSAL matches the requirements of the client successfully with the qualifications of the candidate.

Using the process tool which finds itself in constant development since 2014, HR UNIVERSAL abstracts the parameters to the job description and CV via self-learning algorithms and with the help of other elements. While the program collects applications, evaluates all active and passive sourcing elements and talent pools, the academic and experienced recruiting team takes care of addressing the available candidates. The intelligent mix of human interaction and mechanical abstraction ultimately leads to a snapshot of the relevant candidate market and thus to the ideal filling of the respective vacancy.

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Filtering Potentials

Due to the current “War for Talents”, it is becoming increasingly difficult to fill vacancies in the company adequately, purposefully and efficiently. HR UNIVERSAL has set itself the task of adapting to the profound changes in the labour market and has been working on the development of a new sourcing technology since 2014. The result is the innovative recruiting tool HR SIMPLEX, which combines human expertise and mechanical abstraction to create an overview of the entire labour market. Due to this unique sourcing technology, HR UNIVERSAL can optimize the application process in terms of efficiency and costs.

Due to HR UNIVERSAL’s expertise and the innovative recruitment process, personnel vacancies can be filled promptly and efficiently. With the help of the routinely tested HR SIMPLEX technology, time losses and financial risks on the part of the client are minimized and resources are freed up for the actual core business.

HR UNIVERSAL, as a recruiter, takes over the complete recruitment process of potentials in line with the target group, whereby all processes from the advertisement of the job description to the actual integration of the potentials in the company are taken over. During this process, HR UNIVERSAL takes on the role of an intermediary to bring the client and the candidate together in a perfect fit. In doing so, the principle of the “Same Day Policy” is followed to proceed even more efficiently in terms of time. On the same day, the job advertisement is designed with the help of self-learning algorithms and advertised on the leading job boards, thus accelerating the recruitment process.

To ensure that adequate potentials are addressed, HR UNIVERSAL carefully adapts job advertisements to the respective position and target group and distributes them on selected portals. Likewise, HR UNIVERSAL makes use of its network, which has been in existence for many years. HR UNIVERSAL takes a holistic approach and thus focuses on actively as well as latently searching candidates. HR UNIVERSAL does not work exclusively with traditional methods such as direct search but also with active sourcing methods. HR UNIVERSAL actively supports the client in filling vacancies directly and effectively with suitable potentials in a transparent process.

The entire recruitment process is supported by many years of market affiliation and a high degree of recognition in the academic as well as commercial business fields. With the help of experienced experts, HR UNIVERSAL can guarantee an exact match with the respective requirement profile as well as a critical and conscientious examination of all applicants.

Advantages of personnel leasing

  • Efficient and precise filling of personnel vacancies
  • Time-saving personnel selection process due to innovative HR SIMPLEX technology
  • Industry-specific know-how
  • Many years of expertise in personnel placement
  • Holistic snapshot of the internal market
  • Risk- and resource-optimized process for clients
  • Simplified recruitment process through pre-selected potentials

Interim Management

Interim management describes the temporary performance of specialized management tasks in academic as well as technical or commercial business areas. Mostly, interim managers are used for individual and time-limited projects in companies as well as for transitory management bottlenecks or temporary support with specialist know-how. Transition management is also an important focus of interim managers, as a neutral perspective is often preferred for structural changes.

Interim managers usually work as freelancers or self-employed and convince through flexibility and field-tested as well as long-term experience, which makes them ideal for a temporary, efficient and target-oriented assignment in the company.

HR UNIVERSAL offers companies the possibility to find suitable temporary managers and to organize a smooth implementation process.

A comprehensive and far-reaching network enables HR UNIVERSAL to competently fill interim positions at a level of management positions. Thanks to this comprehensive network, personalities with the required qualifications are available at short notice and immediately.

Due to the steadily increasing trend of interim solutions, HR UNIVERSAL has specialized in recruiting highly qualified and independent specialists and executives for temporary positions. All consultants are familiar with the qualifications an interim manager must have to fulfil even very specific requests in the best possible way. In times of a constantly evolving working environment, it is essential to optimize processes and to fill them with temporary positions that are individually tailored. To ensure sustainable economic success, to realize projects or to successfully implement change management processes, HR UNIVERSAL takes over the search for suitable potentials as well as their legally compliant employment with the client.

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