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Thinking strategy

Holistic consulting is part of the essential make-up of HR Universal. We validate our executive appointments with competence-oriented occupational aptitude diagnostics. For this purpose, we only use methods developed by leading academics in the field on the basis of recent scientific insights.

This commitment gives us a sound foundation for a meaningful prediction of the likelihood of performance and success. Transparency, conscientiousness, and honesty are the hallmarks of our diagnostics.

Christoph Kolumbus
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Aptitude and Leadership Diagnostics:
Bochum inventory

Analysing a candidate’s potential plays a central role in personnel management. The collective term diagnostics is used both in management consulting and in career counselling to describe the procedures and approaches to determine competences and behavioural tendencies with regard to professional activities or special task requirements. These are usually determined in aptitude tests or in assessment centres.

The application of proven and scientifically based procedures is of central importance both for the promotion of the career of specialists and managers and for the employer branding of companies. They can be used in personnel selection and in possible change management processes.

For aptitude diagnostics, HR Universal primarily uses the Bochum Inventory for job-related personality description, a proven method from business psychology. The Bochum Inventory is a psychological test procedure that systematically records job-related personality traits. For this purpose, the participant is presented with statements which he/she is asked to assess in terms of the personal accuracy of the statements. The answers are processed into numerical scores on the basis of relevant occupational dimensions, presented graphically in a profile, and summarised in a psychological report. The Bochum Inventory is certified according to DIN33430 and can be used in other contexts besides personnel selection, such as coaching measures, personnel development, or for a more personal assessment of one’s personal situation.

Using aptitude diagnostics can deliver valid insights for use in effective recruiting without making particularly judgmental statements about a candidate. Because there are always two sides to every discovery story and personality profile, and every profile suits a particular job.

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