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A holistic consulting approach for reliable success in the future through Aptitude Leadership Diagnostics

Thinking strategically

One of HR UNIVERSAL’s guiding principles is to pursue a holistic consulting approach. Executive appointments are accompanied by competency-based, job-related aptitude diagnostics. In doing so, we exclusively use methods that have been developed based on current scientific findings by leading professorships.

At this base, well-founded predictions can be made about the occurrence of target achievement and the probability of success. Transparency, diligence and sincerity are the top priorities of HR UNIVERSAL.

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Aptitude and Leadership Diagnostics:
Bochum inventory

Potential analysis plays a central role in human resources management. In both management consulting and career counselling, this refers to a procedure for determining competencies and behavioural tendencies. Particularly in the selection of personnel, certain characteristics are decisive for the ideal filling of a position, which is why companies often resort to aptitude tests as well as assessment centers.

In this context, the application of proven and scientifically based procedures is of central importance both for the promotion of the careers of specialists and executives and for the employer branding of companies. Thus, these aptitude diagnostic procedures not only play an important role in personnel selection but can also be used in possible change management processes.

HR UNIVERSAL uses the Bochum Inventory for Job-Related Personality Assessment (BIP) in aptitude diagnostics. This proven test procedure from the field of business psychology systematically records job-relevant personality traits. For this purpose, the participants are presented with a self-evaluation sheet, among other things, which is to be completed according to individual assessments and to the best of their knowledge. The respective answers are summarized into numerical values based on occupational dimensions, displayed graphically through a profile sheet and then presented in a detailed psychological report.

It has been proven that there is a substantial correlation between the BIP values and characteristics of professional success as well as professional satisfaction. Therefore, the application of the Bochum Inventory is ideally suited for personnel selection and psychological aptitude diagnostics. The BIP measures the four personality dimensions of professional orientation, work behaviour, psychological constitution and social competence. These dimensions consist of various personality traits, such as flexibility, achievement motivation, sociability, self-confidence and resilience. Also, an external description inventory offers the possibility of recording the job-related personality of another person and thus obtaining a differentiated external image.

The suitability diagnostics is certified according to DIN33430 and can therefore also be used in other contexts, such as in coaching or personnel development measures or for personal location determination.

Using aptitude diagnostics can deliver valid insights for use in effective recruiting without making particularly judgmental statements about candidates.

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